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Thirty kilometres from Ljubljana, on the main road past Škofljica and Turjak, lies the village of Raščica, the birth place of Primož Trubar.

The village, with its clustered houses, has an interesting past. In the Middle Ages, an octroi  stood there, while in the 14th and 15th centuries the Counts of Turjak had iron works and furnaces by the Raščica Stream and transported the products mostly to Rijeka and Venice. In Trubar’s time, his birth place was a major economic and transport centre of the Velike Lašče area. The village has thirteen farmhouses and three mills. According to Valvasor, dormouse hunting was very popular in the area, and the skins were sold as far away as the Netherlands and Spain.

Today, the Temkin Mill stands on the site of the house where Trubar was born. On the 400th anniversary of the printing of the first Slovenian book a monument was erected in his memory at Raščica (designed by architect V. Glanz). In 1991 his home was refurbished and it now hosts a small museum.

(Based on the travel guide Slovenija-turistični vodnik, published by Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana 1995)

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Velike Lašče

Velike Lašče, a village on a gentle hill near the Škofljica-Kočevje road, is hosting a number of events in Trubar's year.

A number of events will be organised to commemorate the important historic anniversary – the birth of their fellow countryman, Primož Trubar, who was born in the nearby village of Raščica.