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This web site has been created by the Coordinating Committee for State Celebrations, the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government Communication Office.

The year marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Primož Trubar (1508–1586). The web site presents his life and work, and gives an outline of the major events of his time. The calendar lists events in Slovenia and abroad commemorating the anniversary. The list is regularly updated.

The material on this web site is taken mainly from a commemorative booklet published by the Coordinating Committee for State Celebrations. A full version of the booklet is available on this web site.
Other sources include:
The Encyclopaedia of Slovenia, Ljubljana 1996
Sandi Sitar: Sto slovenskih znanstvenikov, zdravnikov in tehnikov  ('One Hundred Slovenian Scientists, Doctors and Engineers'), Ljubljana 1987
Mirko Rupel [ed.]: Slovenski protestantski pisci ('Slovenian Protestant Writers') Ljubljana 1966

This web site is available in Slovene and English.
The commemorative booklet (in .pdf) is also available in German.

The content published on this web site is protected by the Slovenian Copyright and Related Rights Act, and may not be used, reproduced or published in any other form without the authors' prior consent.

Photographic material

The authors would like to thank the National Museum of Slovenia, which provided the majority of photographic material. The authors would also like to thank the National and University Library and the Seminary Library in Ljubljana for their contributions.

Photographs and other images on this web site are protected by copyright and may not be used for any other purpose without the owner's, or individual author's prior consent.

Each photograph includes information about its source, or the institution in which it is kept, and name of the photographer.  


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The list of events (Calendar) commemorating Trubar's anniversary in Slovenia and abroad will be updated regularly. Please contact the organisers of individual events for further details.


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This web site is produced and maintained by the Government Communication Office in collaboration with Agenda d.o.o. from Maribor.


The web site also presents 16th century music. The piece you are listening to was kindly donated by Alta capella Carniola, who aim to revive the tradition of the professional musicians of Slovenia's mediaeval towns. Records show that In the 16th century Slovenia, professional musicians were financially supported mainly by regional assemblies, which at that time were predominantly protestant.

The anonymous piece entitled Tourdion performed by Alta capella Carniola would have been a typical dance tune of the 16th century.