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Trubar Exhibition Tour Stopping in Rothenburg

An exhibition on the life of Protestant priest Primoz Trubar (1508-1586), entitled "To All Slovenians", is making a stop in the city hall of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany on its tour of places where the first Slovenian writer lived and worked. It will be on display in Rothenburg through 18 May.

The touring exhibition, organised as part of the 500th anniversary of his birth, consists of seven boards depicting Trubar's life journey and a statue of the Protestant reformer made by Aleksander Arhar.

It was organised by the Parnas institute from Velike Lasce (near to where Trubar was born), and is mainly meant for Slovenians living outside Slovenia.

The exhibition started its tour in the Slovenian parliament and has since visited Rasica, Nova Gorica, Sarajevo in Bosnia, Bad Urach in Germany, Velike Lasce, and Pula in Croatia.

At the end of May it will move to Stuttgart and the Evangelical Church in Kempten, and at the beginning of June to the Evangelical home Primus Truber Haus in Derendingen.

The tour is cosponsored by the Slovenian Culture Ministry. A tour guide in German has been printed for German visitors.

Because the Parnas institute made duplicates of the boards with the help of the Trubarjevi kraji institute, the exhibition can run on a parallel tour around Slovenia and Croatia, with additional three showcases of husk dolls depicting the development of books.

From Pula, the parallel exhibition now moves to Trubar's home in Rasica, and on 16 May it will visit the elementary school in Sentrupert.


Source: STA


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