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Slovenia Celebrates Reformation Day

Slovenia is celebrating Reformation Day on 31 October, remembering a turbulent yet culturally fecund period in the 16th century that produced the first book written in the Slovenian language and provided a key point of reference for Slovenian nation building centuries later.

On 31 October...

Türk Calls for Reformation Spirit at Reformation Day Ceremony

President Danilo Türk addressed on Thursday the national ceremony on the eve of Reformation Day, stressing that present-day Slovenia needed reformers and their spirit to raise its morals and develop a responsible attitude toward the state and the rule of law.

Türk underlined in his speech...

Historian Underlines Significance of Protestantism for Slovenians

Reformation Day, a national holiday marking a 50-year period in the 16th century that had a profound impact on Slovenian culture, is observed on 31 October. This year it coincides with the 500th birth anniversary of the author of the first book in Slovenian, protestant priest Primoz Trubar.



Californian Music Group New Hope on Tour in Slovenia on the Occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Primož Trubar

The 32 members of New Hope, who come from five churches in California, will again return to Slovenia for the fifth time.  This year's tour, which will be from October 19th to 30th, is notable in the fact that 15 Slovenes will be part of the production. 


The cast of New Hope is comprise...