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Türk Calls for Reformation Spirit at Reformation Day Ceremony

President Danilo Türk addressed on Thursday the national ceremony on the eve of Reformation Day, stressing that present-day Slovenia needed reformers and their spirit to raise its morals and develop a responsible attitude toward the state and the rule of law.

Türk underlined in his speech the importance of the work of Protestant priest Primoz Trubar and his ethics. Trubar's main message was that there was no contradiction between the spirit of a European intellectual and his sincere efforts to improve the fate of his nation.

The gist of Trubar's work is based on his Christian ethics, deep faith and his morals. He took Martin Luther's ethics seriously, the way everyone should. To take ethics seriously means to take responsibility for improvement, solidarity and social justice, Türk stressed.

Furthermore, to take ethics seriously is to develop a responsible attitude toward the state and the rule of law, said Türk, who thanked the Slovenian Evangelic Luteran Church and the Evangelic community for their contribution to Slovenia's cultural and political growth.

Türk said in his speech that today's morals were often empty, a combination of "consumption accompanied by insincere political correctness and naive expectations". These are "illusions covering-up cynicism and vulgar economic and political power".

Türk drew parallels with the current financial crisis, labeling it as the newest and the most visible symptom of troubled reality. Modern times call for affirmation of morals and more responsibility in economy and politics.

The world must take responsible steps to solve the problems of the financial crisis and to find long-term solutions to preserve the environment.

"Our time urges us to improve our politics, give up on narrow-minded grudges, give up on cheap moralising and enforce competent decision-making and respect for the rule of law. All these are values to which we were bounded by Slovenian protestants."

Türk concluded that Slovenia still needed reformers. The message of reformers from the past is permanently encrypted in Slovenia's history, while their contribution to cultural and political growth was indelible and their morals an inspiration to us all.

The ceremony focused on the development of Slovenian language. The national holiday observed on 31 October marks a 50-year period in the 16th century that had a profound impact on Slovenian culture. This year, Slovenia also celebrated 500th anniversary of Trubar's birth.

Trubar was the author of the first Bible translation into the Slovenian language from 1584, which put the Slovenian nation permanently on the map alongside other European nations, according to Türk.

Source: STA


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